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You can rely on ArcBuilt Industrial and its partners to deliver superior results.

ArcBuilt & Industrial places a strong emphasis on its people and having the right kind of talent on our team that helps our customers achieve their specific goals. We are continuously building a suite of high-level services based on our strategic partnerships to meet the supply chain requirements of stakeholders in Industry.

Training & Employment

ArcBuilt & Industrial recognizes that talent is the foundation for high quality services.  For this reason, ArcBuilt is endeavouring to attract and engage Indigenous people in the trades and related skills areas.  Our growing pool of talent from Indigenous and non-Indigenous sources ensures that our customers have access to the best personnel available when they need it.


For more information on Training and Employment, please contact our offices.

Building Indigenous Capacity and Capability in Industry

Arcbuilt Industrial is a 100% First Nation member owned business that partners with small and medium-sized businesses to build capacity and capability for the benefit of Industry and Indigenous people. As such we are committed to contributing back to help meet the needs that have been identified by the members and departments from the communities in which we work. Through employment, training and employment and donations that will assist in meeting the  needs of individuals Arcbuilt will provide a way forward.

Our approach is about creating safe, productive and competitive workplaces that not only ensure that customers receive the best services possible but that also promotes and engages Indigenous participation. We believe that the ‘social license to operate’ is important to Industry as it demonstrates, in real terms, the value of relationships with communities in working together in realizing mutual economic benefits.

We take a long-term view of fostering Indigenous participation through relevant training, employment opportunities and sub-contractor development. This approach supports a sustainable path for working with our customers well into the future.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Bruce Arcand to further discuss the community member contribution program.

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